Flowchart & Storyboard for “How to Draw a Cartoon Bunny” Tutorial

Regularly people would take an art or drawing class to learn the basics of drawing a bunny. Basics include basic shapes and the importance of the foundation drawn where the cartoon character comes to become complete at the end of the drawing.  This course will teach them the basics of how to properly build the foundation of the drawing, and what shapes are mostly used to draw a cartoon bunny.  Although this prototype includes only one way to draw a cartoon bunny, the complete course offers two options: using Microsoft Paint (digital drawing) and sketching it by hand.

Below you will find the flowchart and the storyboard I designed and created for the prototype of the tutorial. The flowchart and storyboard were provided to a developer who developed the prototype using Articulate Storyline.

Storyboard: How to Draw a Cartoon Bunny

Flowchart: How to Draw a Cartoon Bunny

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