My Services

Instructional Design

I design and develop engaging learning products for face-to-face, hybrid or online delivery methods.

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Instructional Videos

I design and develop instructional videos tailored to your needs.

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Instructional Coaching

I create and deliver professional development seminars. The delivery method varies.

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Learning Doesn’t Have to be Difficult…

For some people, learning comes naturally because most learning products are driven by teaching methods that match their learning styles. However, this is not the case for everyone.

Learning doesn’t have to be difficult. It should be an engaging and motivational experience to ensure positive outcomes while planting the seed of curiosity to seek more knowledge.

Before I design learning modules or professional development seminars, I take the time to do a thorough and proper analysis of the audience it is being created for, the learners’ needs and the learning outcomes. Once this process is completed, I design and create learning products using a variety of learning theories, pedagogical/andragogical practices and strategies. The outcome is tailored to the learners’ needs and the outcome desired by your organization/company.

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